Energy Balancing Sessions

Photo by Ghinzo on Pixabay
Photo by Ghinzo on Pixabay

Are you curious about distance-treatments? Do you want to work on arriving at a deeper level of understanding yourself? Are you interested in finding out more about the connections between your body, your emotions, and your mind and how to help them work together in harmony?


All of the above are great questions to start an Energy Balancing Session with. In these kinds of distance-treatments, I work with your energy field using intuitive ways of perception to first establish an understanding of the current state as a base-line for our session, before continuing with giving energetic impulses, so your system may start a self-regulatory process. Energy work like this is an intutive but very focused means of finding out more about occuring phenomenons.


Issues and themes may show up on different levels to where their root cause originates. It is my understanding that it is important to differentiate clearly where and why in life imbalances started to manifest and begin a process of awareness around their inner logic of evolution. With the help of energy work you can start to build a holistic and grounded understanding of current symptoms or discomforts - be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. All the information you need is there, stored in the tissues of your body, your nervous system, your joints, your meridians, your chakras - they all "talk" - all we have to do is to start a process of deep-listening to find balance and harmony again. Very often solutions to long-standing phenomenons turn out to be surprisingly simple, once seen clearly and without judgment.


At the beginning of each Session we will have a few minutes talk via phone or video-link to establish what you would like to work on. During the treatment itself, you can sit or lie down in a place where you feel comfortable and undisturbed and we will talk again at the end of the session to wrap it all up, after I sent you my notes on our session. 


Prices and method of payment for Energy Balancing Sessions are the same as for Shiatsu Sessions. For more information in English, please contact me directly.


I am happy to hear from you, if you have any questions about Energy Balancing Sessions.


And that's what it feels like..

"As a professional holistic-health practitioner myself, I have always been very careful in selecting who to trust therapeutically. Ines had led me to a new path of self-discovery with enormous clarity. Her unique ability to see the energetic structure of each human being with precision, helped me unlock my personal trauma zone with safety and gradually own the healing process. I am grateful to be guided with grounded compassion and accountability by an integrated professional." (Marianne)


Please note, that Energy Balancing Sessions are no replacement for medical treatments. Energy Balancing Sessions are an alternative method of energy-work for people in good health only. Energy Balancing Sessions are, under current law, not part of the health care system but are offered under the label "Humanenergetik" as a craft. Therefore they can never be a replacement for medical, psychological or psychiatrical treatments. Please consult with your respective medical professional first, if you have any symptoms or are in doubt if energy-work is well-suited for your current needs. Please note, that in case of any medical predispositions Energy Balancing Sessions can only take place after counsulting with your medical professional.