Touch, movement, and deep felt enthusiasm...

Photo: Studio MATPHOTO
Photo: Studio MATPHOTO


...to me, this is what Shiatsu is all about!


I am a certified Shiatsu-practitioner, based in Vienna. In 2018, I graduated from the International Academy of Hara Shiatsu.


I would love to welcome you on my Shiatsu-mat!


All you need to enjoy a Shiatsu-treatment, is one hour of your time, a comfortable set of clothes and the curiousity and willingness to be open to positive change: Are your ready to become aware of the signs your body shows and find out more about them? Are you curious about discovering hidden blocks that keep you from living your truth? Are you interested in finding out more about next steps to take, that support you on your way to well-being and feeling aligned with your purpose in life?


Please bring a comfortable change of clothes to treatment: a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt or light sweater, leggins or other long-legged pants, and clean socks. Shiatsu treatments take place on a soft, warm fouton on the floor with ever fresh linens on top.

Back to Balance!

That‘s my motto! Working with your body in an intuitive and purposeful way to re-establish a balanced state of being. Listening deeply on all levels and valuing all clues your body reveals without judgment is key to finding new ways towards long-lasting well-being.


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a holistic system of body-work originating from Japan, that combines thausands of years of practical wisdom derived from massage therapies, linking it with the knowledge of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) with it's sound foundation in meridian work and the principles of the five elements.


Meridians as well as single tsubos - otherwise know as acupuncture points - are stimulated by the practioner with varying pressure applied via the palms of the hands, fingers, knees or elbows. Depending on the kind of symptom that needs attention, moxa can be integrated in treatments to apply warmth and heat, whereas cupping may be used as a method to disperse stagnating energy in tight and constricted areas.


Shiatsu aims for meridians to return to their natural state of flow, by adressing merdian-based blockages or deficiencies, in a gentle and yet decisive manner, so that underlying causes on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level can be understood and worked with.


Positive change can happen more easily, when Qi – your life-force and energy – is able to flow more freely throughout your body. Setting a focus on strengthening your inner communication and connection between your head, heart and gut is what leads you to experience yourself as a whole and interconnected being, able to walk through life with a feeling of purpose and groundedness.


My Shiatsu-training included the following practical-trainings:

  • General

  • Burnout

  • Psychosomatic rehabilitation for children and young adults (Wilhelminen-Hospital, Vienna)

My final thesis entailed the making of a video on showing the effects regular shiatsu treatments had on clients suffering from burnout, stress-related symptoms or panic attacks. You can watch our video on YouTube.


Selected additional professional trainings included:

  • Treating Long Covid with Shiatsu and TCM (2023)
  • Shiatsu and the 3rd age (2023)
  • Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu and TCM (2023)
  • The Bao Mai: Heart-Uterus Connection (2021)
  • The Meaning of Symptoms (2021)


Photo: Studio MATPHOTO
Photo: Studio MATPHOTO


When may Shiatsu support you?


Phenomenons may include but are not limited to:

  • difficulties going to sleep or sleeping restfully through the night
  • tension in certain body-areas
  • headaches or migraines
  • dizziness
  • discomfort in the digestive system
  • restrictions with flexibility and movement
  • back-pain
  • joint-pain
  • states of exhaustion
  • nervous or panic-related states
  • the wish to become pregnant
  • period-related issues
  • times of grief
  • phases of re-orientation
  • ..and with lot's of other issues, that are rooted in an imbalance between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I look forward to hearing from you...

For scheduling an appointment, you are very welcome to contact me via e-mail, phone, text or online-form. You can choose between a 90min treatment or a 60min treatment. For further treatments you can then also elect to buy blocks of 5 or 10 sessions to save money comparatively and have a continuous treatment experience.


If you have any questions about Shiatsu in general or if a Shiatsu session is the right thing to support you at the moment specifically, please don't hesitate to contact me.


The Shiatsu practice is situated right in the heart of Vienna, in the beautiful 8th district. It will take you only seven minutes on foot from the underground station U3 "Volkstheater" or just four minutes by exiting the tram-line 2 with it's stations right around the corner to arrive at the practice. As parking is very limited in the inner-city districts, I suggest you choose to arrive more stress-free via public transport, if possible. (Please note that the underground line U2 with it's station "Rathaus" - which would be closest to the practice - is currently out of service due to construction work on new underground lines and take other public transport-lines instead.)



Important note concerning accessability:

Due to existing constructional conditions of the house, which was built around 1890 in the beautiful viennese classical building style, there is no elevator which could help bridge the height-difference of 14 steps leading up to the practice on the first floor. If necessary, and depending on and limited by my own physical strength, I would love to help you up the steps. Please contact me for further information, should you require assistance on your way to the Shiatsu-mat.


And that's what it feels like...

"Ines is an icredibly talented Shiatsu practitioner. I recieved many treatments from her and in each one of them I received not only an amazing treatment on my body - she's really capable to take care of every centimeter of the body - but I also received lots of incredible and useful information on how my body works energetically. I use these informations in my everyday life with great benefits for my wellbeing on an emotional, physical and psychological level. (Teresa, 42)


Please also note, that Shiatsu sessions are no replacement for medical treatments. Shiatsu is an alternative method of body-work for people in good health only. Shiatsu is, under current law, not part of the health care system but a craft. Therefore it can never be a replacement for medical, psychological or psychiatrical treatments. Please consult with your respective medical professional first, if you have any symptoms or doubts if Shiatsu is well-suited for your current needs. Please note, that in case of any medical predispositions Shiatsu sessions can only take place after counsulting with your medical professional.